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Publishing policy
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Publishing policy

 Contributions published in The Mathematical Scientist may be of six kinds:
  1. research papers of general interest in the mathematical sciences, particularly those where the use of mathematical theory, methods and models provides insight into phenomena studied in the engineering, physical, biological and social sciences;
  2. review papers, and historical surveys;
  3. expository papers on any branch of mathematics which is of general interest;
  4. reports on applications of the mathematical sciences to real life problems;
  5. abstracts and proceedings of appropriate conferences;
  6. unsolved problems, letters to the editor and readers’ comments on any branch of mathematics of general interest.

It is a condition of publication in The Mathematical Scientist that papers shall not previously have appeared elsewhere, and will not be reprinted without the written permission of the Trust.

Upon publication, corresponding authors will be sent an electronic (PDF) offprint of their published article at the email address supplied on submission, unless advised otherwise.

Papers should be written in English; papers in other languages may be accepted by the editors, but will appear (subject to the author's agreement) in English translation in The Mathematical Scientist. Scripts should be typewritten, using double spacing. Each paper should be accompanied by a short abstract and a list of keywords.

Submit a paper

Papers must state the names and postal and email addresses of all authors, and should also include:

  • a short abstract of 410 lines giving a non-mathematical description of the subject matter and results
  • a list of keywords detailing the contents
  • a list of classifications according to the 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification scheme (

(Letters to the Editor need not include these.)

To assist authors in writing papers in the Applied Probability style, they may use the LaTeX class file aptpub.cls, along with the template file template.tex, and the APT bibliography style file, apt.bst. We also recommend that authors consult the document guide.pdf, which explains how to use the Applied Probability LaTeX class file. Use of this class file is not a condition of submission, but will considerably increase the speed at which papers are processed for press.

Papers should be submitted as portable document format (PDF) files, not exceeding 1 Mb, to the email address

The subject line must contain the words "TMS Submission".  All submissions will be acknowledged on receipt.

Privacy statement

The Applied Probability Trust respects your right to privacy. We will, at all times, only collect and process your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

This privacy statement details the personal information that the Applied Probability Journals collect, and the ways in which the Applied Probability Journals use that personal information. Submission of your article to the Applied Probability Journals shall constitute your consent to allow us to process your personal information in accordance with the terms of this statement.

When you provide us with personal information (e.g. when you submit an article), we will collect, store and use that information for any of the following purposes:

  • to verify your identity;
  • to process/publish a submission to one of the AP journals;
  • to ask you if you would be a referee for another author's article.

The information that we may collect includes your name, academic role, academic institutional address, area of expertise, and email address. Equivalent personal information of any co-authors you put forward may also be collected. Before you provide information about your co-author(s), you must ensure that you have permission from your co-author(s) to do so. By providing their information, you are asserting that they have consented to the use of their personal information for the purposes set out above.

We will retain your personal information on a secure server in the United Kingdom. We will not retain these records for longer than is necessary. If we consider that the information is out of date or is no longer required, we will destroy it.

We may disclose personal information as discussed above and as reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement to our employees and to third parties under contract with us, such as Web and technical support providers, and content hosting providers, and as may be required or permitted by law. We may also share information regarding you and your manuscript as reasonably necessary with external editors and reviewers.

If you wish to discuss what personal information we may have pertaining to you, or you wish to withdraw consent, please contact us at