Supplement 1 - January 1976

1. Stochastic Processes

Random process model of the contact between rough surfaces
   M. A. Cameron
   pp. 13

Estimation of parameters for stochastic processes
   C. C. Heyde
   pp. 35
Modelling human populations for projection purposes:
   some of the problems and challenges
   J. H. Pollard
   pp. 68
Robustness of recurrence and positive recurrence in Markov chain
   R. L. Tweedie 
   pp. 910

2. Methods of Ordination

Recent advances in ordination
   M. B. Dale
   pp. 1112

Procrustes rotaton problems
   J. C. Gower
   pp. 1215
A comparison of seriation or catenation techniques
   D. Ratcliff
   pp. 1620

3. Mathematical and Statistical Methods

Fluid flow in fields of resistance
   J. R. Blake
   pp. 2122

Statistical distribution in Edgeworth populations
   A. W. Davis
   pp. 2225

Structural relations and factor analysis
   G. R. Dolby
   pp. 2529
A review of optimal design theory
   J. A. Eccleston
   pp. 2931

Variance reduction in simulation
   G. P. Kirkwood
   pp. 3234

A locational problem
   D. K. Kulshrestha
   pp. 3435

Analysis of changing group structure
   P. J. Pahl
   pp. 3538

Design for experiments in three dimensions
   D. A. Preece
   pp. 3840

Examining the effects of the non linearity of a regression model
   D. E. Shaw
   pp. 4043

4. Time Series

Maximum entropy spectral analysis: three roads to one destination
   J. G. Ables
   pp. 4445

Ideas of Wiener and Kalman filtering
   B. D. O. Anderson
   pp. 4547

Application of time series techniques in physical oceanography
   B. V. Hamon
   pp. 4748

Basic concepts of time series analysis
   E. J. Hannan
   pp. 4952

Applications of time series analysis to econometrics
   A. Pagan
   pp. 5356

5. Numerial Methods

5.1 Genstat

An introduction to Genstat
   J. A. Nelder
   pp. 5758

Using Genstat on CSIRONET
   R. I. Baxter
   pp. 5860

Multivariate analysis in Genstat
   J. C. Gower
   pp. 6064

5.2 Numerial optimization

The general quadratic programming problem
   B. A. Ellem
   pp. 6466

Experiences with some minimization programs available within CSIRO
   A. J. Miller
   pp. 6669

Unconstrained optimization problems
   M. R. Osborne
   pp. 6971

Marquardt's method
   D. E. Shaw
   pp. 7275