Volume 6 - Issue 1 - January 1981

Charles Ernest Weatherburn, Professor of Mathematics
   E. J. G. Pitman
   pp. 112

Extreme value theory in applied probability  
   Janos Galambos
   pp. 1326

On development of the Riemann mapping theorem and  
   related results
   Annette Sinclair
   pp. 2734

The symmetrical Euler-Mclaurin summation formula  
   J. R. Philip
   pp. 3541

Simulation of bearing off and doubling in backgammon  
   E. O. Tuck
   pp. 4361

The Macmahon cube law  
   R. G. Stanton, A. N. Arnason, I. P. Goulden
   pp. 6372