Volume 2 - Issue 2 - July 1977

  Catastrophe theory and its applications
   Michael A. B. Deakin
   pp. 7394

On the fluid mechanics of the foetal lung
   J. R. Blake
   pp. 95110

Mathematical contributions to the study of risk factors in
   cardiovascular disease. II
   K. Stephen Brown
   pp. 111125

On the theory of statistical estimation
   D. A. Sprott
   pp. 127137

Abstracts of invited talks from the Third Conference of the Statistical Society of Australia, Melbourne 1976
   (J. F. C. Kingman. Advancing into unknown territory with a branching random walk;
    C. C. Heyde. Some rate of convergence results for the Martingale Convergence theorem;
    Harry Cohn. On ther tail σ-field of a sequence of random variables)
   pp. 139145

Index to Volume 2
   p. 147