Volume 20 - Issue 2 - December 1995

The width of random graph orders
   Béla Bollobás, Graham Brightwell
   pp. 6990

Random Hex and Blockbusters
   J. Haigh
   pp. 91102

Transformation of an epidemic model to a random walk and      
   its management
   G. Sh. Tsitsiashvili
   pp. 103106

Splitters, lumpers and species per genus    
   A. W. Kemp
   pp. 107118

Moments of the minimum of bivariate normal randon variables    
   Michael Cain, Enlin Pan
   pp. 119122

Kurtosis and the generalised compound normal distribution
   H. S. Sichel
   pp. 123133

Letter to the editor: A brief note on Fermat's little theorem   
   Kenichiro Kashihara
   pp. 134135

  Index to Volume 20 
   p. 136