Volume 19 - Issue 2 - December 1994

Models for geologic processes
   D. L. Turcotte
   pp. 6777

Restructured Prim's alogrithm for graphs with     
   bounded neighbourhooods
   Gleb R. Haynatzki
   pp. 7886

A note on expansions in series of orthogonal polynominals    
   W. F. Scott
   pp. 8792

Patterns in binary sequences    
   Gunnar Blom, Dennis Sandell
   pp. 93102

Cover times for stars
   José Luis Palacios
   pp. 103107

Using a diagnostic test in a finite population
   Jan-Eric Englund
   pp. 108118

The problem of points 
   Lajos Takács
   pp. 119139

Index to Volume 19 
   p. 140