Volume 19 - Issue 1 - June 1994

The generalized symmedian point of a convex polygon
   Mark J. Kaiser
   pp. 110

Nearfield acoustic holography: from background theory to    
   modern developments
   A. Croft, M. Hargreaves, L. Brown
   pp. 1121

Non-linear waves on the Turing ring
   Eric Renshaw
   pp. 2246

On variation in Poisson processes
   M. J. Faddy
   pp. 4751

Tower problems and martingales
   David Stirzaker
   pp. 5259

Letter to the editor: The pseudo-great rhombicuboctahedron   
   R. Hughes Jones
   pp. 6063

Letter to the editor: Parity of prime numbers and Goldbach's    
   Mels Sluyser
   pp. 6465

Obituary: Edward James Hannan
   p. 66