Volume 18 - Issue 2 - December 1993

Magic squares and magic formulae
   Livinus U. Uko
   pp. 6772

Let's make a deal
   Eduardo Engel, Achilles Venetoulias
   pp. 7384

Three-stage compound Poisson varibles in insurance    
   and finance
   Dominique Page, Raymond Tremolières
   pp. 85104

The probability of occurrences runs of length k in n Markov    
   Bernoulli trials
   Y. H. Wang, Zhiying Liang
   pp. 105112

On sampling inspection plans based on the theory of runs
   N. Balakrishnan, K Balasubramanian, R. Viveros
   pp. 113126

Some questions in characterization theory
   D. N. Shanbhag, S. Kapoor
   pp. 127133

  Letter to the editor: Prime numbers and the 6N + 1 series 
   Mels Sluyser
   pp. 134136

Index to Volume 18 
   p. 137