Volume 16 - Issue 2 - December 1991

The mathematics of darts (or where to aim)
   C. Atkinson, R. V. Craster
   pp. 6977

Computing probabilities in a generalized birthday problem
   Dennis Sandell
   pp. 7882

Point processes and Tauberian theory
   Sidney Resnick
   pp. 83106

Lagrange interpolation polynominals based on equidistant nodes
   T. M. Mills, Simon J Smith
   pp. 107117

The z-transform of t
   Robert W. Grubbström
   pp. 118129

Letter to the editor: On harrmonic means and variances   
   E. A. Catchpole, A. W. Plank
   pp. 130134

Index to Volume 16 
   p. 135