Volume 16 - Issue 1 - June 1991

Problems of handling messy field data for engineering decision-making
   E. Moore, J. J. Sharp, L. M. Lye
   pp. 114

Simulations of enhanced oil recovery
   M. K. Cham, J. R. Blake
   pp. 1528

Embedding procedures for discrete problems in probability
   Gunnar Blom, Lars Holst
   pp. 2940

Double Youden rectangles of size 6 x 11   
   D. A. Preece
   pp. 4145

Stochastic modelling of dose-response for single cells in   
   radiation experiments
   G. L. Yang, C. E. Swenberg
   pp. 4665

Letter to the editor: Renewal process proof for the limit of   
   the Markov binomial distribution
   Y. H. Wang, Wolfgang J. Bühler
   pp. 6668