Volume 15 - Issue 1 - June 1990

Number words and their significance
   Michael A. B. Deakin
   pp. 16

An epitrochoidal mixer
   Ralph H. Buchholz
   pp. 714

Some thoughts on macroscopic and microscopic mathematical problems
   H. Ockendon, J. R. Okendon
   pp. 1523

Accelerating beyond the third dimension: returning to the origin in   
   simple random walk
   Peter Griffin
   pp. 2435

An optimal decision rule for the parking-meter problem
   William Woodside
   pp. 3641

Use of moments in deriving distributions and some characterizations 
   Norman L. Johnson, Samuel Kotz
   pp. 4252

Infinite divisibility of products and quotients of i.i.d. random variables
   Vijay K Rohatgi, F. W. Steutel, Gábor J. Székely
   pp. 5359

Letter to the editor: Hydrodynamic detection of graviational   
   David Cameron
   pp. 6062

Letter to the editor: Earth-rotation power stations?
   W. E. Bardsley, C. R. A. Rao, M. E. Bardsley
   pp. 6364