Volume 14 - Issue 2 - December 1989

  Around Sylvester's law of nullity
   P. M. Cohn
   pp. 7383

Kelvin's impulsive wrench with a free surface
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 8488

Fibonacci numbers and the golden mean in nature
   B. S. Davis, T. A. Davis
   pp. 89100

Aspects of matrix Wiener-Hopf factorisation in applied probability
   Søren Asmussen
   pp. 101116

Probabilistic derivation for the limit of the Markov binomial distribution
   Wolfgang J. Bühler
   pp. 117119

Random sum characterizations
   R. K. Milne, G. F. Yeo
   pp. 120126

The problem of low response rates in surveys of the elderly
   M. E. Thompson, W. F. Forbes
   pp. 127137

Letter to the editor: No elementary proof of
   Blackwell's theorem
   F. W. Steutel, E. K. E. Willekens
   pp. 138139

Index to Volume 14 
   p. 140