Volume 13 - Issue 1 - June 1988

   pp. 13

Rank factorization of a matrix and its applications
   P. Bhimasankaram
   pp. 414

The probability that a random matrix is singluar
   W. F. Scott
   pp. 1518

The solution of point/line/plane problems in three dimensions by   
   means of one simple vector function
   R. M. Johnson
   pp. 1928

The key renewal theorem revisited
   P. Todorovic
   pp. 2935

Coning in oil reservoirs  
   J. R. Blake, A Kucera
   pp. 3647

Latin squares and agriculture: the other bicentennial
   Anne  Penfold Street, Deborah J. Street
   pp. 4855

Modelling counts in biological populations
   Gillian Z. Stein
   pp. 5665

A bibliography of statistical bibliographies: a twentieth list
   H. O. Lancaster
   pp. 5665