Volume 12 - Issue 2 - September 1987

   pp. 6769

Summation of trignometric series
   David Cameron
   pp. 7179

Silting of dams by sedimentary particles
   J. Gani, P Todorovic, S. Yakowitz
   pp. 8190

Reduce - a user's view
   G. E. Prince
   pp. 9196

Fallacies in fluid mechanics
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 97100

Kelvin's impulsive wrench
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 101107

On the variance of certain bounded random variables
   John W. Seaman Jr., Dean M Young, Danny W. Turner
   pp. 109116

Generalizations of Pythagoras' theorem in n dimensions
   R. F. Talbot
   pp. 117121

Volumes of cones and spheres without calculus 
   R. F. Talbot
   pp. 123124

Index to Volume 12 
   p. 125