Volume 1 - Issue 2 - July 1976

On applying mathematics to practical problems
   J. Gani
   pp. 69–76

The perennial problem of teaching applied mathematics
   Ben Noble
   pp. 7788

Experimental design and the designing of experiments
   S. C. Pearce
   pp. 8997

On pooled testing
   Janet Bellcourt Pomeranz
   pp. 99–105

Lanchester's equations: mathematics and the art of war.  A historical
   survey and some new results
   Richard Gye, Toby Lewis
   pp. 107–119
The effects of economic variables upon the demand for cigarettes in
   M. E. Thompson, I. McLeod
   pp. 121–132

Statistical problems of prediction and control in manpower planning
   D. J. Bartholomew
   pp. 133–144

Index to Volume 1
   p. 145