Volume 11 - Issue 2 - September 1986

The square grid of unit resistors
   David Cameron
   pp. 7582

The expectation of two consecutive integers
   Derek J. Colwell, Brian C. Jones, John R. Gillett
   pp. 8388

Constrained least squares for image processsing
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 8993

Keels for boats 
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 95101

The variance of bounded continuous unimodal distributions
   John W. Seaman Jr, Dean M. Young, Virgil R. Marco
   pp. 103106

On an optimal location problem in a triangle
   R. von Randow
   pp. 107110

A continuum theory for the mechanics of rock blasting
   P. Wilmott, C. P. Please, A. A. Wheeler
   pp. 111119

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