Volume 9 - Issue 1 - September 1976

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A case study in inequalities
   L. Mirsky
   pp. 1-6

Bias on ballot papers, or the good fortune of 
   Basil Brush
   G. J. G. Upton
   pp. 6-13

Collisions of atomic particles
   D. S. Schonland
   pp. 1319

String figures
   R. N. Maddison
   pp. 2025

Letter to the Editor: Partitions of sets of integers
   M. D. Sandford
   pp. 26-27

Letter to the Editor: Magic Squares
   T. Marsden
   pp. 2729

Letter to the Editor: Framed Magic Squares
   C. Hargreaves
   pp. 3032

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 32-34

Book review: Mathematics at the University by the
   Universities and Schools Committee of the Mathematical
   Association (G. Bell and Sons, 1975)
   H. Burkill
   pp. 34-35

Book review: Probability, Statistics and Time by M. S. Bartlett
   (Chapman and Hall, 1975)
   J. Gani
   p. 35

Book review: Modern Introduction to Classical Mechanics
   and Control by D. N. Burghes, A. M. Downs (Ellis Horwood, 1975)
   G. A. Duller
   pp. 35-36

Book review: Computers and Commonsense
   by R. Hunt, J. Shelly (Prentice-Hall International, 1975)
   T. Howard
   p. 36

Notes on Contributors
   p. 36