Volume 8 - Issue 3 - May 1976

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Mathematical model of a kidney machine
   D. M. Burley
   pp. 69-75

Éamon de Valéra - a mathematical portrait
   L. S. Goddard
   pp. 75-77

Heronian triangles
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 77-80

A statistical problem in criminology
   Monica A. Walker
   pp. 8084

Letter to the Editor: Formal and informal proofs
   John Strange
   pp. 85-86

Letter to the Editor: Derived sequences
   M. I. Wenble
   pp. 86-88

Letter to the Editor
   D. J. Blow
   pp. 89-91

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 9195

Book review: Mathematics Applicable Series
   Schools Council sixth Form Mathematics Project 
   (Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, 1975)
   John Hersee
   pp. 95-96

Book review: Concept of Modern Mathematics
   by I. Stewart (Penguin Books Ltd, 1975)
   Christopher Mayers
   pp. 96-97

Book review: A Foundation Course in Modern Algebra
   by D. J. Buontempo (Macmillan Publishers, 1975)
   J. Bolton
   p. 97

Book review: A First Course in Abstract Algebra 
   by P. J. Higgins (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1975)
   Norman Gowar
   pp. 97-98

Book review: Number Theory
   by T. H. Jackson (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1975)
   J. V. Armitage
   p. 98

Book review: Groups by John Mason
   (Transworld Student Library, 1975)
   P. J. Higgins
   p. 99

Book review: A First Course in Quantum Mechanics
   by H. Clark (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1974)
   E. J. Squires
   p. 99

Book review: Dynamics
   by W. E. Williams (Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1975)
   D. H. Wilson
   p. 100

Notes on Contributors
   p. 100