Volume 8 - Issue 2 - January 1976

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International Mathematical Olympiad, 1975
   J. H. Durran
   pp. 37-39

Solving polyomino covering problems by computer
   R. J. Stammers, R. N. Maddison
   pp. 39-50

Time to win, time to lose
   Frederick Stern
   pp. 50-52

Magic squares
   A. D. Misra
   pp. 5360

Correction to Volume 8, pages 21-23
   O. D. Anderson
   p. 61

Letter to the Editor: A simple method of linear curve fitting
   M. R. Chowdhury
   pp. 62-63

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6465

Book review: History of Mathematics: Topics for Schools
   by W. Popp (Transworld Publishers Ltd, 1975)
   M. R. Cornelius
   p. 66

Book review: An Introduction to Modern Algebra
   by B. W. Jones (Collier Macmillan, 1975) 
   R. S. Roberts
   p. 66

Book review: Calculus of Variations by A. M. Arthurs 
   (Routlege and Kegan Paul, 1975)
   D. Burghes
   pp. 66-67

Book review: Elementary Partial Differential Equations 
   by R. J. Gribben (Van Nostrand Reinhold Co Ltd, 1975)
   D. Burghes
   p. 67

Book review: Introductory Vectory Analysis 
   by C. D. Collinson (Edward Arnold, 1974)
   D. Burghes
   p. 67

Book review: The Factor Book 
   by R. L. Hubbard (Hilton Management Services Ltd, 1975)
   V. J. Armitage
   p. 68

Notes on Contributors
   p. 68