Volume 8 - Issue 1 - September 1975

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A new look at Archimedes
   C. P. Ormell
   pp. 1-11

An urn problem with a quality-control application
   A. G. Munford
   pp. 11-18

A complex-number slide rule
   Jonathan Hitchcock
   pp. 1921

Can you contribute to time series reseach?
   O. D. Anderson
   pp. 2123

Factorisation of quadratic forms
   F. Chorlton
   pp. 2428

Letter to the Editor
   R. Vyborny
   pp. 29-30

Letter to the Editor: Divergence of the harmonic series
   B. C. Rennie
   pp. 3133

Letter to the Editor: Complex variable and fluid flow - a new
   intuitive link
   H. M. Finucan
   pp. 2830

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 33-34

Book review: The Seven Circles Theorem and Other New
   Theorems by C. J. A. Evelyn, G. B. Money-Coutts, J. A. Tyrrell
   (Stacey International, 1974)
   William Wynne Willson
   p. 35

Book review: Basic Pure Mathematics II by A. S-T Lue
   (Van Nostrand Reinhold Co Ltd, 1974)
   Johnston A. Anderson
   p. 35

Notes on Contributors
   p. 36