Volume 7 - Issue 2 - January 1975

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Finite lists and the propositional calculus
   A. K. Austin
   pp. 37-45

Certain graphs arising in genetics
   Chris Cannings
   pp. 46-52

Some remarks on Blow's game
   T. J. Fletcher
   pp. 53-59

English church bell ringing
   D. J. Roaf
   pp. 6066

Letter to the Editor
   N. M. Rice
   pp. 66-67

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6770

Book review: Géométrie pour l'élève-professeur
   by J. Frenkel (Hermann, 1973)
   J. Gani
   p. 70

Book review: Computers and Computation (Readings from Scientific
   American with introduction by R. R. Fenichel, J. Weisenbaum 
   (W. H. Freeman & Co)
   Gerald Weatherston Wilson
   p. 71

Book review: Invitation to Mathematics by W. H. Glenn, D. A. Johnson 
   (Dover Publications Inc, 1973)
   M. Hitchcock
   pp. 71-72

Notes on Contributors
   p. 72