Volume 6 - Issue 2 - Spring 1974

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Who was the first non-Euclidian?
   Underwood Dudley
   pp. 41-46

The continuum hypothesis
   Pat Rogers
   pp. 47-51

A matrix method for solving cubic
   equations numerically
   Joan M. Holland
   pp. 51-57

A new look at the S.H.M. equation
   Dieter K. Ross, Edwin F. Carter
   pp. 5760

A non-linear differential equation arising
   in relativity theory
   A. Sackfield, M. G. Frost
   pp. 61-66

Letter to the Editor
   A. B. Patel
   p. 67

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6771

Book review: Arithmetical Excursions
   by H. Bowers, J. E. Bowers (Constable & Co Ltd, 1973)
   W. G. Nun
   p. 71

Book review: New Mathematics III, New Mathematics IV
   by K. S. Snell, J. B. Morgan (Cambridge University Press, 1972-3)
   O. B. Timms
   pp. 71-72

Book review: Calculus by J. Hunter 
   (Blackie with W & R Chambers Ltd, 1972)
   R. A. Smith
   p. 72

Book review: Sets and Numbers by S. Swierczkowski   
   (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1972)
   G. Chilver
   pp. 72-73

Book review: Advanced Level Mathematics (Pure and Applied) 
   by C. J. Tranter, C. G. Lambe (English Universities Press, 1973)
   G. R. H. Boys
   p. 73

Book review: Practical Programming by P. N. Corlett, J. D. Tinsley  
   (Cambridge University Press, 1972)
   M. A. Bloxham
   pp. 73-74

Book review: Exploring Mathematics on Your Own by W. G. Glenn,  
   D. A. Johnson (Dover Publications Inc, 1972)
   C. M. Nixon
   p. 74

Book review: Recreational Problems in Geometric Dissections and  
   How to Solve Them by H. Lindgren (Constable & Co Ltd, 1973)
   E. H. Lockwood
   pp. 74-75

Book review: Test Your Logic by George J. Summers  
   (Constable & Co Ltd, 1973)
   P. W. Hewitt
   p. 75

Book review: An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning   
   by B. Iglewicz, J. Stoyle (Collier-Macmillan Publishers, 1973)
   T. J. Fletcher
   pp. 75-76

Notes on Contributors
   p. 77