Volume 5 - Issue 2 - Spring 1973

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Mathematical Spectrum 1968-1973 - a
   survey of the first 5 years
   J. Gani
   pp. 37-42

The perpetual calendar
   H.P. Rogosinski
   pp. 42-46

Calculating square roots of perfect
   square numbers by inspection
   P. N. Mehta
   pp. 46-48

Solving cubic equations numerically by
   recurrence formulae
   Joan M. Holland
   pp. 4853

Strategy for life - a guide to decision making
   M. J. Gardner
   pp. 54-58

The parallel axiom
   Pat Rogers
   pp. 5866

Letter to the Editor
   S. Ferguson
   pp. 6667

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 6771

Book review: A First Course in Statistics
   by F. N. David (Griffin, 1971)
   K. E. Selkirk
   p. 71

Book review: Chapters on the Classical Calculus of Probability by
   Károly Jordan (Akadémiai Kiadó, 1972)
   J. Gani
   pp. 72-73

Book review: Modern Mathematics Revision by J. Clay, 
   A. R. Trippett (George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1972)
   R. L. Lindsay
   p. 73

Book review: Vectors, Transformations and Matrices by   
   R. S. Heritage, J. D. Edge (Penguin Education, 1972)
   C. C. Goldsmith
   p. 74

Book review: A Short Course in Computational Probability and   
   Statistics by W Freiburger, U. Grenander (Spring-Verlag, 1972)
   C. C. Goldsmith
   p. 74

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