Volume 47 - Issue 2 - January 2015

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From the Editor
   pp. 49-50

Blade Shape of a Troposkein-Type of Vertical-Axis
   Wind Turbine
   Sean McGinty, Sean McKee
   pp. 51-59

A Brief Study of Abundant Numbers not Divisible
   by any of the First n Primes
   Jay L. Schiffman
   pp. 61-67

The Divergence of {cos (n)}
   Kurt Fink, Jawad Sadek
   pp. 68-70

Fun Rewriting Series
   Robert Nicolaides
   p. 71

Pascal's Triangle Modulo 3
   Avery Wilson
   pp. 72-75

Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri's Congruence for an
   Extended Fibonacci Family
   Thomas Koshy
   pp. 76-80

Letter to the editor: A nice application of the
   Hermite-Madamard inequality
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   pp. 80-81

Letter to the editor: Sums of squares and cubes
   Tom Moore
   p. 81

Letter to the editor: The equations x2 + y2 = z2 ± 1
   Abbas Rouhol Amini
   pp. 81-82

Letter to the editor: Reverse divisors
   Martin Sandford
   pp. 82-84

Letter to the editor: Slicing cake into equal pieces
   Ulrich Abel
   pp. 84-86

Letter to the editor: a2/rBrC + b2/rCrA + c2/rArB = 4(R/r - 1)      
   Zhang Yun
   pp. 86-88

Letter to the editor: A simple trick in algebraic inequalities
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   pp. 88-89

Letter to the editor: Triangular oblong numbers
   Nick Lord
   p. 89

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 90-93

Book review: A Problem Solver's Handbook by A. Jobbings
   (United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, 2013)
   Fionntan Roukema
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Origins of Mathematical Words: A Comprehensive
   Dictionary of Latin, Greek and Arabic Roots by A. Lo Bello
   (The John Hopkins University Press, 2013)
   Roger Webster
   pp. 94-95

Book review: Bayes' Rule: A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian
   Analysis by J. V. Stone (Sebtel Press, 2013)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 95