Volume 47 - Issue 1 - September 2014

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From the Editor
   pp. 1-2

Are Most Triangles Obtuse?
   Seth Zimmerman
   pp. 3-10

Using Triangular Numbers as 'Steps' when
   Constructing Quadratic and Cubic Sequences
   Karen Heinz, Thomas E. Shown
   pp. 11-18

James Joseph Sylvester (1814-1897): The
   Bicentenary Anniversary of his Birth
   Scott H. Brown
   pp. 19-24

The Staircase Problem and Fibonacci Numbers
   Simon Zaslavsky, Roger Khazan
   pp. 25-26

A Mathematical Meander from Zeckendorf to
   Martin Griffiths, Christopher Brown, Henry Seaton
   pp. 27-31

The Pappus Chain Theorem and Its Application
   to Geometry
   Seung Heon Lee
   pp. 32-39

The Infinity of Triangular Oblong Numbers
   Tom Moore
   pp. 40-41

Letter to the Editor: Lazar Karno's Theorem 
   Abbas Rouhol Amini
   pp. 41-42

Letter to the Editor: The centre of the Euler circle
   Guido Lasters
   p. 42

Letter to the Editor: The history of a famous inequality
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   pp. 42-43

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 43-47

Book review: Beautiful Geometry by E. Maor, E. Jost
   (Princeton University Press, 2014)
   Fionntan Roukema
   p. 47