Volume 46 - Issue 3 - May 2014

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From the Editor
   pp. 97-98

A Filigree Sphere
   Rabe Von Randow
   pp. 99-106

Measuring the Accuracy of an Ancient Area Formula
   Erik Tou
   pp. 107-116

A Criterion for the Numbers of Positive and Negative
   Solutions of a Cubic Equation
   Jincheng Tong, Sidney Kung
   pp. 117-118

Finding Arbitrarily Many Integer Solutions to the
   Equation k2 - 5 = t2 - 5u2
   Jonny Griffiths
   pp. 119-121

Revisiting Euler's Theorem on Odd Perfect Numbers
   M. A. Nyblom
   pp. 122-124

What is the Next Number in this Sequence?
   Pee Choon Toh, Eng Guan Tay
   pp. 125-131

A Golden Maximum
   Prithwijit De
   pp. 132-133

The Central Binomial Coefficient in (a + b)2(mod 8)
   Thomas Koshy, Zhenguang Gao
   pp. 134-137

Letter to the Editor: On repdigit numbers as a sum
   of certain figurate numbers
   Tom Moore
   pp. 137-138

Letter to the Editor: A cute inequality with cubes
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   pp. 138-139

Letter to the Editor: Goldbach Bertrand
   Henry J. Ricardo
   p. 139

Letter to the Editor: The equation x2 + y2 = zn
   Abbas Rouhol Amini
   pp. 139-140

Letter to the Editor: A continued fraction linked to Pascal's triangle
   Anand Prakash
   p. 140

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 140-143