Volume 46 - Issue 1 - September 2013

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From the Editor
   p. 1

Napier's Candles
   Paul Glaister, Elizabeth Glaister
   pp. 2-7

Nomo Triples
   Jonny Griffiths
   pp. 8-11

The Mathematics of Origami
   Sudharaka Palamakumbura
   pp. 12-17

Simson's Ellipse
   G. T. Vickers
   pp. 18-25

UK Personal Income: an Application of the
   Pareto Distribution
   John C. B. Cooper
   pp. 26-29

Is the IPL 2012 Tournament a Fair Game to All
   Quarter-finalists? AStatistical Overview
   Jyoti Shiwalkar, M. N. Deshpande
   pp. 30-31

When the Proof is Not Quite Enough
   Christine Shannon
   pp. 32-40

Letter to the Editor: The maximum distance between 
   successive primes
   John Sherrill
   p. 40

Letter to the Editor: A trajectory for maximum impact
   Nick Lord
   p. 41

Letter to the Editor: An interesting algebraic inequality
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   pp. 41-42

Letter to the Editor: Sa + Sb = Sc
   Abbas Rouholamini
   pp. 42-43

Letter to the Editor: Conjecture about triangular numbers
   Abbas Rouholamini
   p. 43

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 44-47