Volume 45 - Issue 3 - May 2013

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From the Editor
   pp. 93-95

On the Trail of Reverse Divisors: 1089 and All that Follow
   Roger Webster, Gareth Williams
   pp. 96-102

Mathematicians Prefer Cake to pi
   Paul Gaister
   pp. 103-105

Coins and Fractions
   G. T. Vickers
   pp. 106-112

A Result Concerning Fibonacci Primes
   Martin Griffiths, Surajit Rajagopal
   pp. 113-117

Strategy for Identifying a Rogue Ball. II
   Mervyn Hughes
   pp. 118-124

Letter to the Editor: Ta + Tb = Tc
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   pp. 125-126

Letter to the Editor: x8 + y8 + z8 = 2w8
   Muneer Karama
   p. 126

Letter to the Editor: Integral triangles with a 120angle
   K. S. Bhanu, M. N. Deshpande
   pp. 126-128

Letter to the Editor: A Fibonacci similarity
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 128

Letter to the Editor: Reversing digits
   Bob Bertuello
   p. 129

Letter to the Editor: Prime rationals
   Nick Lord
   p. 130

Letter to the Editor: Sums of consecutive primes and magic squares
   Anand Prakash
   pp. 130-131

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 132-135

Book review: Foundations and Applications of Statistics: an
   Introduction using R by R. Pruim (American Mathematical
   Society, 2011)
   p. 135

Book review: Guesstimation 2.0: Solving Today's Problems 
   on the Back of a Napkin by L. Weinstein
   (Princeton University Press, 2012)
   Fionntan Roukema
   pp. 135-136

Book review: Fibonacci and Catalan Numbers - An Introduction 
   by R. P. Grimaldi (John Wiley, 2012)
   Daniel Fretwell
   p. 136

Index to Volumes 43 - 45
   pp. 137-139