Volume 45 - Issue 2 - January 2013

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From the Editor
   pp. 49-51

A Stochastic Random-Walk Analysis of the Sport of Squash
   Dean G. Hathout
   pp. 52-58

Gym Membership: an Application of the Weibull Distribution
   John C. B. Cooper
   pp. 59-62

Strategy for Identifying a Rogue Ball. I
   Mervyn Hughes
   pp. 63-68

Reversing Digits: Divisibility by 27, 81, and 121
   David Sharpe, Roger Webster
   pp. 69-71

Double-Angle Theorem for Triangles
   Harold Stengel
   pp. 72-75

The Arithmetic Mean-Geometric Mean Inequality
   Daniel Gould
   pp. 76-77

Cup-and-Saucer Derangements
   Martin Griffiths
   pp. 78-84

Letter to the editor: 13 + 23 + ...n3 = (1 + 2 + ... + n)2
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 84

Letter to the editor: A trigonometric inequality
   Spiros P. Andriopoulos
   p. 85

Letter to the editor: Conjectures about triangular numbers
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 86

Letter to the editor: Consecutive numbers divisible by
   consecutive squares
   M. A. Khan
   pp. 86-87

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 88-91