Volume 44 - Issue 3 - May 2012

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From the Editor
   p. 97

Trigonometry Without Right Angles
   Colin Foster
   pp. 98-101

Generalised Trigonometry
   Stuart Simons
   pp. 102-110

Does this Ring a Bell?
   Martin Griffiths
   pp. 111-117

The Nine-Point Circle as a Locus
   Ayoub B. Ayoub
   pp. 119-121

A Note on 'Oblique-Angled Daimeters'
   Sandro Caparrini
   pp. 122-124

The Ends of Square-Triangular Numbers
   Thomas Koshy
   pp. 125-129

In Search of Square Centred Square Numbers
   M. A. Nyblom
   pp. 130-133

Letter to the Editor: Closure under multiplication
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 134

Letter to the Editor: Calculation of  sk= 1k  + 2k  + ... + nk  for odd k
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 135

Letter to the Editor: The indefinite integral for |x-c|
   M. A. Khan
   pp. 135-136

Letter to the Editor: Sums of squares and cubes
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 137

Letter to the Editor: The sum of the first n squares
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   pp. 137-138

Letter to the Editor: The equation x² + y²  = xy
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 138

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 139-142