Volume 44 - Issue 1 - September 2011

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From the Editor
   pp. 1-4

One Coincidence After Another!
   Andrew Percy, Alistair Carr
   pp. 5-7

Using a Sledgehammer to Crack Some Nuts
   Martin Griffiths
   pp. 8-11

Functions Satisfying Two Trigonometric Identities
   Denis Bell
   pp. 12-14

Symmetry and the Nine-Point Circle
   Jingcheng Tong, Sidney Kung
   pp. 15-18

A Trip from Trig to Triangle
   Michel Bataille
   pp. 19-23

Routh's Theorem Revisited
   Ayoub B. Ayoub
   pp. 24-27

600 Years of Prague's Horologe and the Mathematic
   Behind it
   M. Křižek, A. Šolcová, L. Somer
   pp. 28-33

Exploring Prime Decades Less Than Ten Billion
   Jay L. Schiffman
   pp. 34-38

Another Proof of Carlson's Infinite Product Expansion for In(x)
   M. A. Nyblom
   pp. 39-41

Letter to the Editor: Message in a bottle
   Norman Routledge
   pp. 41-42

Letter to the Editor: Pan-digit squares
   Tom Marlow
   pp. 43-44

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 45-47