Volume 43 - Issue 1 - September 2010

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From the Editor
   pp. 1-2

A Pouring Problem
   Prithwijit De
   pp. 3-5

Cantor's Rationals in Closed Form
   M. A. Nyblom
   pp. 6-8

Revisiting a Probliem of Diophantus
   Konstantine 'Hermes' Zelator
   pp. 9-13

Athletic Performance Trends in Olympics: Part II
   A. Tan, Sonya Lyatskaya
   pp. 14-19

A Geometric Gambling Game
   David K. Neal, Frank Polivka
   pp. 20-25

Avoiding the Flames
   Stuart Simons, Andrew Tworkowski
   pp. 26-28

An Unusual Look at Primative Pythagorean Triples
   Jonathan Weisbrod
   pp. 29-33

Paradoxes of Infinity¹
   Phill Schultz
   pp. 34-40

Letter to the Editor: Same equation, different application
   Douglas Quadling
   pp. 40-42

Letter to the Editor: Summing a series of Fibonacci numbers
   Abbas Rouholamini Gugheri
   p. 42

Letter to the Editor: Is π in π ?
   Alan Williamson
   p. 43

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 43-47