Volume 42 - Issue 1 - September 2009

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From the Editor
   p. 1

A Simple Geometric Proof of Morley's Trisector Theorem
   Brian Stonebridge
   pp. 2-4

Simson's Envelope
   G. T. Vickers
   pp. 5-13

Conjectures from a Historic Table by John Wallis
   Lee Collins, Thomas J. Osler
   pp. 14-19

Construction of Magic Knight's Towers
   Awani Kumar
   pp. 20-25

Excavation s and Integrations - A Note of Caution
   J. D. Mahoney
   pp. 26-32

A Generalization of a Coin-Sliding Problem
   Peter Derlien
   pp. 33-37

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 37-41

Letter to the Editor: Lottery combinatorics
   Alan Williamson
   p. 42

Letter to the Editor: Simson's triangle
   G. T. Vickers
   pp. 42-43

Letter to the Editor: Sums of powers
   Abbas Roohol Amini
   pp. 43-44

Letter to the Editor: Sumlines of sides of regular n-gons
   Nick Lord
   pp. 44-45

Letter to the Editor: An imaginary, and imaginative, approach to an identity
   Bob Bertuello
   p. 46

Letter to the Editor: Calculation of s
   Abbas Roohol Amini
   p. 46

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 47-49

Book review: Is Mathematics Inevitable by U. Dudley 
   (Spectrum, 2007)
   Paul Belcher
   p. 49

Book review: Sink of Float? Thought Problems in Math & Physics  
   by K. Kendig (The Mathematical Association of America, 2008)
   Jonny Griffiths
   p. 50

Book review: Modern Regression Methods by T. P. Ryan 
   (John Wiley, 2009) 
   p. 50

Book review: Piano-Hinged Dissections: Time to Fold!  
   by G. N. Frederickson (A. K. Peters, 2006)
   p. 50

Book review: Visual Group Theory by N. Carter (MAA, 2009) 
   David Sharpe
   pp. 50-51

Book review: Probability with R: An Introduction with Computer  
   Science Applications by J. M. Horgan (John Wiley, 2009)
   p. 51

Other books received:
   Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations: An Introduction for 
   Scientists and Engineers by D. W. Jordan, P. Smith   
   (Oxford University Press, 2007)   
   Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations: Problems and Solutions: 
   A Sourcebook for Scientists and Engineers by D. W. Jordan, P. Smith    
   (Oxford University Press, 2007)   
   Crosspacks & Cross Hypersolids: Being the Seventh Part of Several 
   Comprising the Complete? Polyhedra by P. Taylor   
(Nattygrafix, 2007)   
   Reliability and Risk: A Bayesian P:erspective by N. D. Singpurwalla
(John Wiley, 2006)
   International Migration in Europe: Data, Models and Estimates    
   Edited by J. Raymer, F. Wiilekens (John Wiley, 2008)
   From Quantum Cohomology to Integrable Systems by M. A. Guest    
   (Oxford University Press, 2008)
   Introduction to Algebra by P. J. Cameron    
(Oxford University Press, 2007)   
   Mathematical Asset Management by T. Höglund (John Wiley, 2008)
   p. 51