Volume 4 - Issue 2 - Spring 1972

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Problems in the use of educational tests
   P. H. Jackson
   pp. 49-59

Profits without tears
   D. W. Sharpe
   pp. 60-62

The languare of geometry
   R. L. E. Schwarzenberger
   pp. 63-68

How many prime numbers are there?
   J. H. E. Cohn
   pp. 6971

On folding a map
   W. F. Lunnon
   pp. 72-79

Adventures in ballistics 1915-1918. II
   J. E. Littlewood
   pp. 8086

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 8789

Book review: The Teaching of Probability and Statistics edited
   by L. Rade (Almqvist and Wiksell, 1970)
   K. E. Selkirk
   p. 90

Book review: Advanced General Statisics by B. C. Erricker
   (English Universities Press, 1971)
   L. E. Ellis
   p. 91

Book review: Let's Look at the Figures - The Quantitative Approach to
   Human Affairs by D. J. Bartholomew, E. E. Basset (Penguin Books, 1971)
   J. Gani
   p. 92

Book review: Conceptual Models in Mathematics by K. E. Hirst,  
   F. Rhodes (George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1971)
   K. E. Selkirk
   pp. 92-93

Book review: Sets and Symbolic Logic and Relations and Functions by   
   H. T. Combe (Studies in Mathematics Series, Ginn & Co Ltd, 1970)
   A. W. Bell
   p. 93

Book review: Probability by T. V. M. McKirgan (Studies in Mathematics   
   Series, Ginn & Co Ltd, 1970)
   M. J. Barber
   pp. 93-94

Book review: Sampling Inspection by M. Bruckheimer, A. Steward
   (Chatto and Windus, 1971)
   M. J. Barber
   p. 94

Book review: Physics Through Experiment by R. Bamberger
   (Sterling Publishing Co, 1969)
   R. Hoare
   pp. 94-95

Notes on Contributors
   p. 96