Volume 41 - Issue 3 - May 2009

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From the Editor
   p. 97

How Many Digits Make a Fibonacci Number?
   M. A. Nyblom
   pp. 98-100

On k-oblong Numbers
   Konstantine Zelator
   pp. 101-105

Relative Arithmetic
   Paul Fjelstad, Guido Lasters, David Sharpe
   pp. 106-109

Lottery Combinatorics
   Ian McPherson, Derek Hobson
   pp. 110-115

On the Natural Exponential Function
   Robert P. Gove, Jan Rychtář
   pp. 116-122

Another Geometric Vision of the Hyperbola
   Thomas J. Osler
   pp. 123-124

Exploring Ideas for Improving the Convergence Rate in
   Gauss-Seidel Iteration
   Robert Combs, Joh Kuhl, Jennifer Switkes
   pp. 125-130

Nested Ellipses
   G. T. Vickers
   pp. 131-136

Letter to the Editor: The sum of the first n squares
   Abbas Roohol Amini
   p. 137

Letter to the Editor: Nested Ellipsoids
   G. T.  Vickers
   pp. 137-138

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 139-142

Book review: Modelling for Insight: A Master Class for Business
   Analysts by S. G. Powell, R. J. Batt (John Wiley, 2008)
   p. 142

Book review: Statistics and Data with R: An Applied Approach
   Through Examples by Y. Cohen, J. Y. Cohen (John Wiley, 2008)
   p. 142

Book review: Time Series Data Analysis Using EViews by 
   I. G. N. Agung (John Wiley, 2009)
   p. 142

Book review: Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by  D. S. Moore,
   G. P. McCabe, B. Craig (W. H. Freeman, 2009)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 143

Book review: Statistics: A Very Short Introduction by  D. J. Hand
   (OUP Inc., 2008)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 143