Volume 4 - Issue 1 - Autumn 1971

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Mathematics: the language of science
   J. B. Helliwell
   pp. 1-7

The algebra of genealogy
   David Kendall
   pp. 79

Gambling and probability: some early problems
   J. Gani
   pp. 914

The control of a hovering VTOL aircraft
   E. Huntley
   pp. 1418

Proving the rule or first steps in rigour
   D. B. Scott
   pp. 1926

Aproximation to square roots
   P. Shiu
   pp. 26-30

Adventures in ballistics 1915-1918. I
   J. E. Littlewood
   pp. 31-38

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 3840

Book reviews: Functions of a Complex Variable I and II 
   by D. O. Tall (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1970)
   K. W. Lucas
   p. 41

Book review: Computation and Theory in Ordinary Differential 
   Equations by J. W. Daniel, R. E. Moore (W. H. Freeman and Company, 
   Ramesh Kapadia
   pp. 4142

Book review: Probability by P Whittle (Penguin  
   Education, 1970)
   D. Williams
   pp. 4243

Book review: Elementary Number Theory by U. Dudley  
   (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1970)
   J. Hunter
   p. 36

Book review: A Programmed Vector Algebra by K. L. Gardner  
   (Oxford University Press, 1968)
   T. E. Cope, P. J. Lings
   p. 43

Book review: Modern Applied Mathematics: Probability, Statistics 
   and Operational Research by J. C. Turner (English Universities Press, 
   D. S. Hale
   p. 44

Book review: The Search for Pattern by W. W. Sawyer 
   (Penguin Books, 1970)
   R. Stone
   p. 44

Book review: Choice of Careers No 109: Mathematical, Statistical 
   and Computer Work (Central Youth Employment, 1970)
   C. Nixon
   p. 45

Letter to the Editor
   D. J. Finney
p. 46

Notes on Contributors
   p. 47