Volume 39 - Issue 3 - May 2007

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From the Editor
   pp. 97-98

Construction of a Golden Rectangle with a Given Area
   Lyndon O. Barton
   pp. 99-101

Cluster Analysis and the Planetary Status of Pluto
   A. Tan, R. Ramachandran, T. X. Zhang
   pp. 102-108

Truncatable Semi-Primes
   Shyam Sunder Gupta
   pp. 109-112

The First Indeterminate Diophantine Problem
   Dimitris Sardelis, Theodoros Valahas
   pp. 113-114

The Quadratic Equation as Solved by Persian Mathematicians
   of the Middle Ages
   Mohamed Teymour, Thomas J. Osler
   pp. 115-118

Circles of Best Fit
   Guido Lasters
   pp. 119-122

On Sums of Squares of Multivariate Polynomials
   J. A. Scott
   pp. 123-124

Mathematics in the classroom
   p. 126

Letter to the Editor: The areas problem
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 127-128

Letter to the Editor: Symmetrical Fibonacci products
   Robert J. Clarke
   pp. 129-130

Letter to the Editor: A modified Newton-Raphson procedure
   Stuart Simons
   pp. 130-131

Letter to the Editor: Square roots by continued fraction convergents
   Sebastian Hayes
   pp. 131-133

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 133-136

Book review: Understanding Uncertainty by D. V. Lindley
   (John Wiley, 2006)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 137

Book review: Aha! A Two-Volume Collection. Aha! Insight and Aha! Gotcha
   by M. Gardner (MAA, 2006)
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 137-138

Book review: The Mathematics of Games and Gambling by E. Packel
   (MAA, 2006)
   Carol Nixon
   pp. 138-139

Other books received:
   The Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms Edited by Y. Dodge 
   (Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   Smoothing and Decay Estimates for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations: 
   Equations of Porous Medium Type by J. L. Vazquez 
   (Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   p. 139

Index to Volumes 37 - 39
   pp. 139-143