Volume 39 - Issue 2 - January 2007

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From the Editor
   pp. 49-50

Rational Approximation to Square Roots of Integers
   M. A. Khan
   pp. 51-53

Mathematics of Suduko II
   Ed Russell, Frazer Jarvis
   pp. 54-58

Integral Triangles and Diophantine Equations
   Konstantine Zelator
   pp. 59-62

80% Incan
   Jonathan Smith
   p. 63

A Matrix Inequality with Functional Applications
   Stuart Simons
   pp. 64-67

Pythagorean Rectangles
   Philip Maynard
   pp. 68-70

The Integers of James Booth
   Thomas J. Osler, J. Kennedy
   pp. 71-72

The First Class Honours Grade: An Application of
   the Beta Distribution
   John C. B. Cooper
   pp. 73-74

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 75-76

Computer Column
   pp. 77-79

Letter to the editor: The ratrional mean
   Bob Bertuello
   pp. 80-82

Letter to the editor: Brahmagupta's problems,
   Pythagorean solutions and Heron triangles
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 82-84

Letter to the editor: A special case?
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 85-87

Letter to the editor: Magic squares - a general method
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 87-88

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 88-91

Book review: Common Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them)
   by P. I. Good, J. W. Hardin (John Wiley, 2006)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 92

Book review: Math Made Visual.  Creating Images for Understanding
   Mathematics by C. Alsina, R. Nelsen (MAA, 2006)
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 92-93

Book review: Visual Statistics: Seeing Data with Dynamic Interactive
   Graphics by F. W. Young, P. M. Valero-Mora, M. Friendly
   (John Wiley, 2006)
   Joe Gani
   p. 93

Book review: 99 Points of Intersection by H. Walser (MAA, 2006)
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 93-94

Other books received:
   Thinking Maths Cognitive Acceleration in Mathematics Education by 
   M. Adhami, M. Shayer (Heinmann, 2006)   
   Category Theory by S. Awodey (Oxford University Press, 2006)   
   Threading Homology Through Algebra: Selected Patterns by     
   G. Boffi, D. A. Buchsbaum (Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   Latent Curve Models: A Structural Equation Perspective by     
   K. A. Bollen, P. J. Curran (John Wiley, 2006)   
   AQA GCSE Mathematics: Foundation Module 1 by S. Chandler, E. Smith   
   (Heinmann, 2006) 
   Mathematical Geophysics: An Introduction to Rotating Fluids     
   and the Navier-Stokes Equations by J. Chemin, B. Desjardins,   
   I. Gallagher, E. Grenier (Oxford University Press, 2006)   
   Differential and Integral Equations by P. Collins  
   (Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   USA and International Mathematical Olympiads 2005 by Z. Feng    
(MAA, 2006)   
   Hilbert Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory by H. Hida  
(Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   The Structure of Models of Peano Arithmetic by R. Kossak 
   (Oxford University Press, 2006) 
   Probability and Random Processes by V. Krishnan    
(John Wiley, 2006)    
   Topology: A Geometric Approach by T. Lawson    
(Oxford University Press, 2006)   
   Algebraic Geometry and Airthmetic Curves by Q. Liu    
(Oxford University Press, 2006)   
   Honors Calculus by C. R. MacCluer  
(Princeton University Press, 2006) 
   Topology Now! by R. Messer, P. D. Straffin (The Mathematical     
Association of America, 2006)    
   An Invitation to Modern Number Theory by S. J. Miller,    
   R. Takloo-Bighash (Princeton University Press, 2006)   
   Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis by D. C. Montgomery 
(John Wiley, 2006) 
   AQA GCSE Mathematics: Foundation Student Book by G. Payne,     
   R. Holt, M. Rayment, I. Robinson (Heinmann, 2006) 
   AQA GCSE Mathematics: Higher Student Book by G. Payne, R. Holt,  
   M. Rayment, I. Robinson (Heinmann, 2006) 

   Edexcel GCSE Mathematics: Foundation Pupil Book by K. Pledger,       
G. Cole, P. Jolly, G. Newman, J. Petran, S. Bright (Heinmann, 2006)
   Edexcel GCSE Mathematics: Higher Student Book by K. Pledger,
   G. Cole, P. Jolly, G. Newman, J. Petran, S. Bright (Heinmann, 2006)
   Scottish Secondary Mathematics: Red 1 Student Book by
   T. Sanaghan, J. Pennel, C. Munro, C. Ford J. Dalton (Heinmann, 2006)
   Bayesian Networks and Probabilistic Inference in Forensic Science
   by F. Taroni, C. Aitken, Garbolini, A. Biedermann (John Wiley, 2006)
   pp. 94-95