Volume 39 - Issue 1 - September 2006

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From the Editor
   pp. 1-3

The Life and Work of Augustus De Morgan
   Scott H. Brown
   pp. 4-9

Is Anyone Sitting in the Right Place?
   Fei Yao, Paul Belcher
   pp. 10-14

Mathematics of Suduko 1
   Bertram Felgenhauer, Frazer Jarvis
   pp. 15-22

Modelling SARS
   J. Gani
   pp. 23-26

The Areas Problem
   Atara Shriki
   pp. 27-31

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 31-34

Letter to the Editor: A geometrical solution to the 
   problem in Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 38,
   Number 2, pp. 83-84
   Jens Carstensen
   p. 35

Letter to the Editor: Another solution to the problem in
   Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 38, Number 2, pp.83-84
   Bob Bertuello
   pp. 35-36

Letter to the Editor: Gardiner's three circles problem
   Robert J. Clarke
   pp. 36-37

Letter to the Editor: Suduko possibilities
   Ian McPherson
   p. 37

Letter to the Editor: Abundant numbers
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 38-39

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 40-43

Book review: Mathematics for Business Decisions: with
   Interdisciplinary Multimedia Projects, Part 1: Probability and 
   Simulation by R. B. Thompson, C. G. Lamoureux, P. E. Slaten
   (MAA, 2005)
   Carol Nixon
   p. 44

Book review: USA and International Mathematical Olympiads
   2004 Edited by T. Andreescu, Z. Feng, P. Loh (MAA, 2005)
   David Sharpe
   p. 44

Book review: Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics
   Edited by L. A. Steen, B. Gold, L. Hopkins, D. Jardine, W. A. Marion
   (MAA, 2005)
   Carol Nixon
   pp. 44-45

Book review: Mathematical Connections. A Companion for Teachers
   and Others by A. Cuoco (MAA, 2005)
   Paul Belcher
   pp. 45-46

Book review: When Computers were Human by D. A. Grier
   (Princeton University Press, 2005)
   Vicky Bird
   pp. 46-47

Book review: Index to Mathematical Problems 1975-1979 Edited by 
   S. Rabinowitz, M. Bowron (MathPro Press, 1999)
   p. 47