Volume 38 - Issue 2 - January 2006

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From the Editor
   pp. 49-50

From Squares to Circles by Courtesy of Einstein
   Guido Lasters, David Sharpe
   pp. 51-55

From Fermat Numbers to Geometry
   Michal Křižek, Florian Luca, Lawrence Somer
   pp. 56-63

Pythagoras - Couched in Mystery?
   P. Glaister
   pp. 64-67

Brahmagupta's Problems, Pythagorean Solutions and
   Heron Triangles
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 68-73

Summing Powers of Roots of an Algebraic Equation
   Stuart Simons
   pp. 74-77

Equalising Polygons
   Alastair Summers
   pp. 78-82

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 76-78

Letter to the editor: To find the cube root of 63
   Maurace Hare
   pp. 83-84

Letter to the editor: Curious Cubes
   Alastair Summers
   p. 85

Letter to the editor: Kepler's polygonial well (see Volume 26,
   Number 4, pp. 110-118)
   John Macnaughton
   p. 86

Letter to the editor: An alternative proof for the sum of the first
   n triangular numbers
   Joel Murang
   pp. 86-87

Letter to the editor: Expressing the sum of two cubes as a square
   M. A. Khan
   p. 87

Letter to the editor: Right- and left-prime numbers
   Seyamack Jafari
   pp. 87-88

Letter to the editor: Thought-provoking tesseracts
   Joel Murang
   p. 88

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 89-91

Book review: Exploring, Investigating and Discovering in
   Mathematics by V. Berinde (Birkhauser, 2004)
   Jonny Griffiths
   p. 92

Book review: Historical Modules for the Teaching and Learning of 
   Mathematics Edited by V. J. Katz, K. D. Michalowicz (MAA, 2004)
   Donald Mason
   p. 92

Book review: Musing of the Masters: An Anthology of Mathematical 
   Reflections Edited by R. G. Ayoub (MAA, 2004)
   Paul Belcher
   p. 93

Book review: First Lessons for Graphics Calculators by A. Graham, 
   B. Galpin (A+B Books, 2005)
   p. 93

Book review: The Calculus Gallery. Masterpieces from Newton
   to Lebesque by W. Dunham (Princeton University Press, 2005)
   Norman Routledge
   p. 93

Book review: R. L. Moore: Mathematician & Teacher by J. Parker 
   (MAA, 2004)
   P. Glaister
   p. 94

Book review: Mathematics Elsewhere by M. Ascher (Princeton   
   University Press, 2004)
   Balázs Gosztonyi
   pp. 94-95

Book review: A Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics Edited by
   C. Claphan, J. Nicholson (Oxford University Press, 2005)
   p. 95

Book review: Advancing Maths for AQA: Statistics 2 & 3 by 
   R. Williamson G. Buque (Heinemann, 2004)
   Andrew Armstrong
   p. 95

Book review: Advancing Maths for AQA: Core Maths 3 by G. Atwood,  
   A. Macpherson, B. Moran, J. Petran, G. Staley, D. Wilkins
   (Heinemann, 2004)
   Phillip Yeomans
   p. 95