Volume 36 - Issue 3 - May 2004

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From the Editor
   p. 49

Generating a Conic
   Guido Lasters, Hugo Staelens
   pp. 50-51

A Simple Proof of Euler's Inequality in Space
   Zhang Yun
   p. 51

Distribution of River Lengths and the Total Length of Rivers
   A. Tan, W. Sheng
   pp. 52-55

We Need Some New Functions
   Margen Çuko, Paul Belcher
   pp. 55-60

More on Sums of Consecutive Numbers
   Philip Maynard, Yinghui Zhou
   pp. 60-61

From Gauss to Pythagoras - A Complex Series of Voyages
   of Discovery
   P. Glaister
   pp. 62-64

Mathematics in the classroom
   pp. 64-65

Letter to the Editor: Sum = product
   Bob Bertuello
   p. 66

Letter to the Editor: π day, Sunday, March 14, 1:59pm
   Raphael Rosen
   p. 67

Letter to the Editor: 'Squarps' and the lead-end digit trade
   Jason Earls
   p. 67

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 68-69

Book review: Fun and Fundamentals of Mathematics
   by J. V. Narklikar, M. Narklikar (Universities Press, 2002)
   Paul Jefferys
   p. 70

Book review: Mathematical Apocrypha: Stories and Anecdotes of
   Mathematicians and the Mathematical by S. G. Krantz (MAA, 2002)
   David Sharpe
   p. 70

Book review: Hinged Dissections: Swinging and Twisting
   by G. N. Frederickson (Cambridge University Press, 2002)
   Will Donovan
   p. 70

Book review: The A to Z of Mathematics: A Basic Guide
   by T. H. Sidebottom (John Wiley, 2002)
   Stephen Walker
   pp. 70-71

Other books received:
   Quaternions and Rotation Sequences by J. B. Kuipers 
   (Princeton University Press, 2002) 
   p. 71

Index to Volumes 34 - 36
   pp. 71-72