Volume 35 - Issue 1 - September 2002

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From the Editor
   p. 1

An Ancient Mathematician Remembers
   B. H. Neumann
   pp. 2-3

To Be or Not 2ᵇ - That Other Classic
   P. Glaister
   pp. 3-5

A Computer Hunt for Apéry's Constant
   Thomas J. Osler, Brian Seaman
   pp. 5-8

Drawing Network Graphs with DERIVE™ 5
   P. Schofield
   pp. 9-12

Lecturer Makes History in Maths
   Karen Gold
   p. 13

A Note on Roman Arithmetic
   Joe Gani
   p. 14

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 15-16

Computer column
   pp. 16-17

Letter to the Editor: Triangles whose Euler line is 
   parallel to a side
   Gyula Darvasi
   p. 18

Letter to the Editor: The extended crossed ladders theorem
   H. Stengel
   pp. 18-20

Letter to the Editor: Calculating square roots
   A. G. Summers
   p. 20

Letter to the Editor: The Fibonacci finals
   Bob Bertuello
   pp. 20-21

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 22-23

Book review: The Golden Section 
   by H. Walser (MAA, 2001)
   Anne Wilding
   pp. 23-24

Book review: Identification Numbers and Check
   Digit Schemes by J. Kirtland (MAA, 2001)
   Vinay Surti
   p. 24

Book review: USA and International Mathematical 
   Olympiads 2000 bT. Andreescu, Z. Feng (MAA, 2001)
   Daniel Lamy
   p. 24

Book review: Symmetry by H. Walser (MAA, 2001)
   Katie Hall
   p. 24

Other books received:
   Problems in Mathematical Analysis II: Continuity and 
   Differentiation by W. J. Kaczor, M. T. Nowak
   (American Mathematical Society, 2001)  
   Framework Maths: Year 7 by D. Capewell  
   (Oxford University Press, 2002)
   Finite Element and Boundary Ellement Applications in   
   Quantum Machanics by L. R Ram-Mohan (Oxford  
   University Press, 2002)   
   p. 24