Volume 34 - Issue 3 - May 2002

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From the Editor
   pp. 49-50

Statistics and History
   Joe Gani
   pp. 50-53

Squaring up to Factorials
   P. Glaister
   pp. 53-55

A Table of the Partition Function
   Abdulkadir Hassen, Thomas J. Osler,
   Tirupathi R. Chandrupatla
   pp. 55-57

The Railway Station Problem
   D. M. Burley, R. A. Smith
   pp. 58-60

Heron Ladders
   K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 61-64

Mathematics in the classroom
   pp. 65-66

Computer Column
   pp. 66-67

Letter to the Editor: Pythagorean triples
   Guido Laster, David Sharpe
   p. 68

Letter to the Editor: Pythagorean triples
   Muneer Jebreel
   p. 68

Letter to the Editor: Integrating by differentiating
   Seyamack Jafari
   p. 69

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 69-70

Book review: A Mathematical Mystery Tour
   by A. K. Dewdney (John Wiley, 2001)
   Louise Eggett
   p. 71

Book review: Mathematical Chestnuts from Around
   the World by R. Honsberger (MAA, 2001)
   Daniel Lamy
   pp. 71-72

Book review: Cryptological Mathematics by R. Lewand
   (MAA, 2001)
   Richard Banks
   p. 72

Book review: A Primer on Number Sequence by S. Shirali
   (Universities Press (India) Ltd, 2001)
   Saarah Badr
   p. 72

Book review: First Steps in Number Theory-A Primer on
   Divisibility by S. Shirali (Universities Press (India) Ltd, 2001)
   Daniel Smith
   p. 72

Other books received:
   Useful Mathematical and Physical Formulae by M. Watkins 
   (Wooden Books, 2001)
   Triangle of Thoughts by A. Connes, A. Lichnerowics,
   M. P. Schützenberger (American Mathematical Society, 2001) 
   Essays in the History of Lie Groups and Algebraic Groups  
   by A. Borel (American Mathematical Society, 2001) 
   11-16 Numeracy Starters Pack by P. Johnson, A. Twyman
   (Oxford University Press, 2001) 
   p. 72