Volume 31 - Issue 1 - September 1998

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Mahāvīrācāya: the poet and the mathematician
   Mahesh Dube
   pp. 1-6

Some properties of the number five
   J. D. Weston
   pp. 7-9

The RSA alogrithm: a public-key cryptosystem
   Michael J. Williams, Linda J. S. Allen
   pp. 9-13

A problem of Leonardo of Pisa
   S. G. Rout
   pp. 14-16 

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 17-18

Computer column
   p. 18

Letter to the Editor: Catalan numbers and polygon division
   Peter J. Larcombe
   p. 19

Letter to the Editor: Proof Maps
   Peter Derlien
   p. 19

Letter to the Editor: Demonstrating divergence of series on
   a computer
   Mario Velucchi
   p. 20

Letter to the Editor: Problems 28.4 and 28.5
   Florian Luca
   pp. 20-21

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 21-23

Book review: Statistics by R. Fentem (Collins Educational, 1996) 
   Carol Nixon
   pp. 23-24

Book review: The Most Beautiful Mathematical Formulas by L. Salem,
   F. Testard, C. Salem (Wiley, 1997)
   Toby Gee
   p. 24

Book review: Mathematical Analysis and Proof by D. Stirling
   (Horwood Publishing Limited, 1997)
   Victory Bryant
   p. 24

Other books received:
   Foundation Mathematics by Dr. L. R. Mutoe, Dr. M. Barry (Wiley, 1998) 
   Mathematics in Engineering and Science by Dr. L. R. Mutoe, Dr. M. Barry
   (Wiley, 1998)
   Fundamental Ideas of Analysis by M. Reed (Wiley, 1998) 
   Calculus Volume 1 by H. Anton (Wiley, 1998)
   Explorations in College Algebra by L. A. Kime, J. Clark (Willey, 1998) 
   Rings, Hopf Algebras and Brauer groups Edited by S. Caenepeel,
   A. Verschoren (Marcel Dekker, 1998)
   p. 24