Volume 3 - Issue 1 - Autumn 1970

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Statistical inference
   J. Kiefer
   pp. 1-11

Irrational rectangles
   T. J. Fletcher
   pp. 1217

An original solution of a problem in calculus
   Nicholas Youd
   pp. 1721

Friends and acquaintances
   Hazel Perfect
   pp. 2123

Careers for women graduates in mathematics
   R. S. H. G. Thompson
   pp. 2426

Mathematics of today - a sixth form conference
   F. Bostock
   p. 27

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 2830

Book review: A Survey Review of Books on Vectors and 
   Applications used in Sixth Forms in Schools
   Hugh Neill
   pp. 3134

Book review: Statistics for Technology by C. Chatfield 
   (Penguin Books, 1970)
   D. E. Barton
   pp. 3435

Book review: Mathematics by D. Bergamini and the Editors of  
   Time-Life Books (Time-Life Books, 1969)
   D. T. Milroy
   pp. 3536

Book review: Elementary Number Theory by U. Dudley  
   (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1970)
   J. Hunter
   p. 36

Book review: Complex Numbers by D. G. Tahta  
   (Wm Pollard & Co.)
   K. R. Moore
   pp. 3637

Notes on Contributors
   p. 38