Volume 30 - Issue 3 - May 1998

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And what became of the women?
   Caroline Series
   pp. 49-52

Three new proofs of the Pythagorean theorem
   Mickey Spardlin, Michelle Watkins
   pp. 53-54

Some algebraic rules in differential calculus
   Thomas Bier
   pp. 54-57

How a group can do geometry
   G. Lasters, R. Peetermans, D. Sharpe
   pp. 58-60

Two interesting ratios in a Dushy's cuboid
   Dushy Tissainayagam
   pp. 61-62

Mathematics in the classroom
   pp. 63-64

Letter to the Editor: Adjoining consecutive numbers
   Bob Bertuello
   p. 64

Letter to the Editor: Problem 29.8
   A. K. Jobbings
   p. 64

Letter to the Editor: A variant of Rolle's theorem
   Jingcheng Tong
   pp. 64-65

Letter to the Editor: Sums of powers of integers
   Zerong He
   p. 65

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 66-67

Book review: The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook: An introduction
   to Problem Solving by A. Gardinger (Oxford University Press, 1997)
   Mansur Boase
   p. 68

Book review: Power Play by E. J. Barbeau
   (The Mathematical Association of America, 1997)
   Toby Gee
   p. 68

Book review: A Tour of the Calculus by D. Berlinski
   (Mandarin Paperbacks, 1997)
   Pak-San Man
   p. 69

Book review: For All Practical Purposes. Introduction to 
   Contemporary Mathematics 4th edn by COMAP
   (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1996)
   Andrew Lobb
   p. 69

Other books received:
   For All Practical Purposes. CD-ROM and Print Component. 4th edn 
   by COMAP (W. H. Freeman and Company, 1998)
   Introduction to Non-Linear Systems by J. Berry (Arnold, 1996) 
   MEI: Foundations of Advanced Mathematics by D. Faulkner,  
   R. Porkess, D. Snell, D. Cowey (Hodder and Stoughton Educational, 1997)
   Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Vol 2 by D. Quinney,  
   R. Harding (John Wiley & Sons Inc, 1997)
   Constitutions of Matter - Mathematically Modelling the Most  
   Everyday of Phycial Phenomena by M. H. Krieger)
   (The University of Chicago Press, 1997)
   Error Correcting Codes by J. Baylis (Chapman and Hall, 1998) 
   Projective Geometry by A. Beutelspacher, U. Rosenbaum (CUP,  1998)
   P-automorphisms of Finite P-groups by E. I. Khuklhro (CUP, 1998)
   Fundamental Ideas of Analysis by M. Reid (John Wiley & Sons Ltd,
   p. 69

Index to Volumes 28 - 30
   pp. 70-71