Volume 30 - Issue 2 - January 1998

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The solution of a common differential equation
   E. R. Love
   pp. 25-29

An estimate for π from a one-dimensional random walk
   Dave Hills, Sam Webster
   pp. 30-31

Pathological double sums
   J. P. G. Ewer, B. C. Jones
   p. 32

Summation by parts
   Frank Chorlton
   p. 33

Equally likely sums
   Barry W. Brunson, Randall J. Swift
   pp. 34-36

Tame vampires
   F. W. Roush, D. G. Rogers
   pp. 37-39

Powerless sequences
   K. Prakash
   pp. 39-40

Mathematics in the classroom
   p. 41

Letter to the editor: Problems 28.4 and 28.5
   Florian Luca
   p. 42

Letter to the editor: 183184=428²
   (Volume 30 Number 1 page 9)
   Alan D. Cox
   p. 41

Letter to the editor: An identity for Fibonacci numbers
   Mansur Boase
   pp. 42-43

Letter to the editor: The primality of the Lucas numbers
   Mansur Boase
   p. 43

Letter to the editor: Regular polygon rings
   K. Robin McLean
   p. 43

Letter to the editor: Difficult questions
   Robert Page
   pp. 43-44

Letter to the editor: The harmonic series
   Allen Brown
   p. 44

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 45-47

Book review: The Ingenious Mind of Nature by G. M. Hall
   (Plenum, 1997)
   Stephen Rout
   p. 48

Other books received: 
   Interdisciplinary Lively Application Projects Edited by D. C. Arney  
   (Mathematics Association of America, 1997)
   Introductory Discrete Mathematics by V. K. Balakrishnan
(Dover, 1997)
   Precalculus: Functions and Graphs by M. A. Munem, J. P. Yizze
   (Worth, 1997)
   Principa Mathematica to *56 by A. N. Whitehead, B. Russel 
   (Cambridge University Press, 1997)
   Resources for Teaching Linear Algebra Edited by D. Carlson et al 
(Mathematical Association of America, 1997)
   Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
by D. Cowey et al
(Hodder and Stoughton, 1997)
   p. 48