Volume 30 - Issue 1 - September 1997

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A mathematical centenary: J. J. Sylvester 1814-1897
   Roger Cook
   pp. 1-2

Catalan numbers
   Isaac Vun, Paul Belcher
   pp. 3-5

A generalized Fibonacci sequence via matrices
   Russell Euler
   pp. 67

Playing cards with Buffon
   P. Glaister
   pp. 8–9

Sums of powers of an arithmetic progresssion
   Temple H. Fay, K. R. S. Sastry
   pp. 10-12

Regular polygon rings
   R. A. Dunlap
   pp. 13-15

The Sajdak conjecture
   Simon R. Blackburn
   pp. 15-16

Mathematics in the Classroom
   pp. 17-18

Computer column
   p. 18 

Letter to the Editor: Olympic statistics
   (Volume 29 Number 3 pages 63-64)
   Mike Wenble
   p. 19

Letter to the Editor: The volume of a carton
   Stella Dudzic
   p. 20

Letter to the Editor: Optimal angle of projection from
   a height
   Gerry Leversha
   p. 20

Letter to the Editor: Letter from Kamlesh Gaya
   (Volume 29 Number 2 page 41)
   A. A. K. Majumdar
   p. 21

Letter to the Editor: Correction
   A. A. K. Majumdar
   p. 21

Letter to the Editor: A Diophantine equation involving
   factorial numbers
   Kenichiro Kashihara
   pp. 21-22

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 22-23

Book review: The Loom of God: Mathematical Tapestries 
   at the Edge of Time by C. A. Pickover (Plenum, 1997) 
   David Yates
   p. 24

Book review: Mathematical Analysis and Proof by D. Stirling
   (Horwood, 1997)
   Victor Bryant
   p. 24

Book review: Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers by M. Gardner
   (MAA, 1997)
   Toby Gee
   p. 24

Other books received:
   College Algebra by W. L. Ruud, T. L. Shell (Worth, 1997) 
   Statistics: Concepts and Controversies by D. S. Moore
   (Freeman, 1997)
   p. 24