Volume 29 - Issue 2 - January 1997

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Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass
   Anne C. Baker
   pp. 25-29

The daughter's dilemma
   David Sharpe
   p. 29

Spirals galore
   P. Glaister
   pp. 30-32

A shorthand notation for a class of integrals
   Astrid Baumann
   pp. 33-35

Scaling in Pythagoras' Theorem
   Brian R. Stonebridge
   p. 36

A famous theorem and another theorem
   Brian D. Bunday
   p. 37

Designing tiles
   Takakazu Yamamoto, Tomohiro Ohta, Kazuaki Kitahara
   p. 38

Mathematics in the classroom
   pp. 39-40

Computer column
   Stephen Webb
   p. 40

Letter to the editor: A note on a sequence free from powers
   A. A. K. Majundar
   p. 41

Letter to the editor: Difficult questions
   Kamlesh Gaya
   p. 41

Letter to the editor: On a type of arithmetic function
   Kenichiro Kashihara
   p. 42

Letter to the editor: Paradox in probability
   Brian Treadway
   p. 42

Letter to the editor: The domino problem
   George Jellis
   p. 43

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 44-45

Book review: She Does Math! Edited by M. Parker
   (The Mathematical Association of America, 1995)
   Mary Hart
   p. 46

Book review: From Polynomials to Sums of Squares 
   by T. Jackson (IOP Publishing, 1995)
   David Sharpe
   p. 46

Book review: 100% Mathematical Proof by R. Garnier,
   J. Taylor (Wiley, 1996)
   Paul Russell
   p. 46

Book review: Group and Symmetry by D. W. Farmer
   (American Mathematical Society, 1995) 
   p. 46

Book review: Knots and Surfaces by D. W. Farmer
   T. B. Stanford (American Mathematical Society, 1995)
   David Sharpe
   pp. 46-47

Book review: A Cascade of Numbers by R. P. Burn,
   A. Chetwynd (Arnold, 1995) 
   David Sharpe
   p. 47

Other books received: 
   Mechanics 5 and 6 by P. Bryden, C. Pavelin  
   (Hodder and Stoughton, 1996)
   Pure Mathematics 4 by T. Heard, D. Martin
(Hodder and Stoughton, 1996)
   Mastering Advanced Pure Mathematics
by G. Buckwell
(Macmillan, 1996)
Mastering Electronic and Electrical Calculations by N. M. Morris 
   (Macmillan, 1996)
   Mathematical Modelling Skills by D. Edwards, M. Hamson 
(Macmillan, 1996)
   Calculus and ODEs
by D. Pearson (Arnold, 1995)
   Ordinary Differential Equations
by W. Cox (Arnold, 1995)
by A. D. Mayer, A. M. Sykes (Arnold, 1996)
by P. E. Kopp (Arnold, 1996)
   Discrete Mathematics
by A. Chetwynd, P. Diggle (Arnold, 1995)
   Linear Algebra
by T. Lawson (Wiley, 1996)
   Carefree Calculations for Healthcare Students
by D. Coben, 
E. Atere-Roberts (Macmillan, 1996)
   Introduction to Graph Theory by R. J. Wilson 
   (Addison Wesley Longman, 1996)
   Symmetric Bends. How to Join Two Lengths of Cord by R. E. Miles
   (World Scientific, 1995)
   Vita Mathematica by R. Calinger 
   (The Mathematical Association of America, 1996)
   Calculus: the Dynamics of Change by A. W. Roberts 
   (The Mathematical Association of America, 1996)
   Models that Work by A. Tucker 
   (The Mathematical Association of America, 1995)
   Leningrad Mathematical Olympiads 1987-1991 by D. Fomin, 
   A. Kirichenko (MathPro Press, 1996)
   ARML-NYSML Contests 1989-1994 by L. Zimmerman, G. Kessler 
   (MathPro Press, 1996)
   From Erd
ös to Kiev by R. Honsberger 
(The Mathematical Association of America, 1995)

   General Relativity by G. S. Hall, J. R. Pulham (IOP, 1996)
   pp. 47-48