Volume 26 - Issue 4 - May 1994

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A new format for Mathematical Spectrum
   p. 97

Some sequences Euclid would have liked
   Desmond MacHale
   pp. 97-100

Optimal crossing of a desert
   Wolfram Hinderer
   pp. 100-102

Sums of powers of integers
   F. T. Howard
   pp. 103-109

Falling down a polygonal well
   Tamara Curnow
   pp. 110-118

Computer Column
   Mike Piff
   pp. 119-121

Letter to the Editor: The 1994 puzzle
   Mike Wenble
   p. 120

Letter to the Editor: Crossing deserts
   Harold P. Boas
   p. 122

Problems and Solutions
   pp. 123-126

Book review: 200% of Nothing: An Eye-Opening Tour through
   the Twists and Turns of Math Abuse and Innumeracy
   by A. K. Dewdney (Wiley, 1993)
   Thomas Womack
   pp. 127-128

Book review: Satan, Cantor and Infinity and other Mind-Boggling
   Puzzles by R. Smullyan (Oxford University Press, 1993)
   Khalid Khan
   p. 128

Other books received:
   Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems by J. K. Hale (Dover, 1993)
   p. 128